Rencontres avec les bourgognes

Rencontre avec Marcel Vincent, un heureux centenaire du Haut-Jura


Can you introduce us to your domain, Domaine Dominique Gruhier? Our Domaine extends over 27 hectares around a superb "Cistercian barn" outbuilding of the Abbey founded in Your estate is located in the Tonnerois region, what are the characteristics of this region and the particularities of your wines within the Tonnerois?

G : Indeed, the Tonnerrois has its own characteristics.

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The vines are rooted in geological layers from the Jurassic period which give the wines a unique minerality and the clays give them a beautiful roundness. The white wines of Tonnerre are both fresh and gourmet, with exotic and floral aromas.

Les actualités du Vinipôle Sud Bourgogne

The red wines of Epineuil are all finesse, fruity but with characteristic notes of finely smoked and floral spices. They're very digestible. G : My maternal grandfather was a wine merchant in the Côte d'Or and two of my uncles. In other words, my childhood smelled of cellars and bottoms of bottles.

Rencontres avec les Bourgognes

After studying mechanical engineering, I wanted to know more about this profession and it was a revelation. After obtaining a BTS I rencontres avec les bourgognes the opportunity to settle with my father on the land of Epineuil where we have been living ever since.

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What has wine taught you in life? G : Humility, patience, rencontres avec les bourgognes, the pleasure of sharing but also the delicate cohabitation between culture and nature. A winemaker who inspires you?

rencontres avec les bourgognes

G: Rather rencontres avec les bourgognes Sylvain Pataille for his uncompromising investment and his delicious wines, Lalou Bize-Leroy for his daring and totally innovative culture, Thomas Picot for his mastery of minerality and so many others.

And all those who have vibrating wines Your vision of wine in three words?

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G : Pleasure, surprise, conviviality. Your favorite wine and food pairing?

rencontres avec les bourgognes

G : Cheese and wine without hesitation. Your favorite wine?

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